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Bathroom Renovation

We offer you a best solution to design your washroom as per your choice with our dedicated team of experts to make your home into reality with the comfort & the beautiful modern looking designs.

What Are You Waiting For ?

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Our Bathroom Renovation Service Include

  • Complete Renovation work.
  • 5 Year warranty on plumbing Work.
  • 5 Year warranty on Electrical Work.
  • Dismantling & Civil work.
  • Multiple Brand supports.
  • Expert Technical Team support.
  • On time Project completion.

Art of Designing the Washroom

Although it may be one of the rooms we spent least amount of time of a day but the bathroom is a room of comfort and relaxation. So, we are here to make as comfortable as you demand and here are some major parts to look upon:


We offers you best walls and floor tiles combination and helps you design your bathroom with stylish bathroom floors and wall tiles. We provide you modern day designer bathroom with tiles on floors, walls, and backsplashes which gives your bathroom a stylish effect.


In this we include components like faucets and sinks, toilets, showerheads, and bathtubs.  While a fixture can be fixed into walls or the floor as per clients requirement.


Everyone wants their bathroom to be spacious and all bathroom fixtures to be in proper place, we provide you proper and planned bathroom layout for a functional space. Bathroom layout includes wet walls, wet zone and dry zone. We install enclosed shower cubicle or shower door to create partition between wet and dry zone. We want your bathroom to clean and spacious.